image001It has been 5 years since our 1st trip to Peru but i do remember the trip being 1 we really enjoyed (except for the few days i was sick) and (Sheryl was sick also). I think a big problem we had was going from sea level (Vancouver) to nearly 12,000ft (Cusco). The change in altitude really affected us, but this was not your fault.
Machu Picchu was absolutely breath taking and we hope to go there again one day, and our stay on Amantani Island in Lake Titikaka we really enjoyed that, the family that hosted us were wonderful. As far as a picture goes, we were using mostly a film camera so it may be difficult to get you a picture sorry, unless we mail it to you. Thank you very much Carlos and to your company Andean Skyline / Peru and Travel for an unforgettable trip.

Art and Sheryl from Canada

Amigos que desean visitar PERU y aun no saben qué Agencia escoger, pues yo de acuerdo a la experiencia que acabo de vivir les súper recomiendo “ANDEAN SKYLINE” es una agencia súper profesional, responsable, confiable, muy amable, y que dominan bastante bien el ingles, y que mas que turistas o clientes nos hizo sentir a mí y a mi grupo como si fuéramos parte de la familia. Tube la fortuna de haber escogido bien y de tomar la decisión correcta de confiar en ellos por el site que vi en internet, hoy les digo no me arrepiento, porque el tour lo hacen tal y como se lo prometen, todos los tratos que hagan con ellos a través email o por teléfono créanme que se los cumplen. Mi tour fue excelente, la visita a la ciudad del CUSCO con un guía muy amable, el Valle Sagrado, la visita de Aguas Calientes, y por supuesto MACHU PICCHU, el transporte que ofrecen es cumplido siempre a tiempo, el hospedaje lo máximo, y cualquier inquietud que tengan solo comuníquenselo a ellos y estarán gustosos de servirles toda la ayuda necesaria que puedan necesitar. Estoy demasiado agradecida y complacida con el servicio que esta agencia me ofreció y que se los recomiendo arduamente y los invito a que tomen sus servicios, les prometo que no se arrepentirán. DIOS LES BENDIGA.

Atte. Melva Alvarez

image004I had already gone to Cuzco once before having experienced with Andean Skyline / Peru & Travel. The first time had been with my family and it was a hectic adventure; us doing everything last minute. To tourist that are going to Peru for the first time, I really don’t recommend such a trip. Plan ahead. When I went, we suffered just to get train tickets to Aguascalientes, in order to go to Machu Picchu. For about three days we would wake up at 3 in the morning, drive out to the city to get some tickets, but to no avail.
However, with Andean Skyline / Peru & Travel, I was VERY impressed. Everything was in order, well organized, and I recommend it to anyone wishing to get to know Cuzco better. When we arrived in the airport in Cuzco, the guide was already waiting for us, ready with a van that was very comfortable. He handed us the tickets to the places he had said we would get to know. He then took us to the place in which our tour would begin, presenting us to our tour guide for the rest of the day. As for the trip to Machu Picchu, it was wonderful. Everything was provided to us: food, a place to stay, transportation, and that were all we needed to just have a great time.
Thank you very much

Leon Van der Holst & Diana


Hola Ludwig, ya por Cali nuevamente, a Dios gracias todo salió muy bien, disfrutamos mucho todo el viaje, conocer es parte de nuestro plan de vida, le agradecemos a usted y a la agencia Andean Skyline toda su colaboración especialmente en Peru, esperamos conocer Machu Picchu, y poder volverlo a contactar, le deseamos que todo marche súper bien, hasta pronto,


One of the best things I have ever done, I loved the challenge and the scenery was spectacular, particularly on day 2. The food was excellent, very nutritious, the cook, porters and horseman very helpful and cheerful. Marco was a very knowledgeable, helpful guide and there no question he could not answer.

Jacqueline Shnier – Lares trek hiker
Sydney – Australia

Carlos Núñez was an outstanding guide – it made all the difference for the trip. Thank you.”

Bart Rademaker – United States (April 2008)

Greta Trip! Excellent guides, great service, cook, porters and assistants. Felt very safe at all times – really enjoyed the whole experience.

Orlaith Finucane – Inca trail hiker
Dublin – Ireland

I had a great time, Lares trek is stunning, we had even more adventures than expected due to the heavy rains. All our team very extremely nice, preffesional, knowdledge. Will recommend this trek to everyone.

Kellie Wilson – Lares Trek hiker

Guides both excellent knowledge, interesting provided, excellent service. Other staff also very good. Enjoyed much more than expected. Hot springs were great too.

Melissa Bell – Lares Trek hiker

Overall we both thought the service was amazing. The guides were so informative, with any questions asked, they were answered excellently. The cooks were excellent and porters always on time.

George & Veronica Baird
UK & Ireland – Lares Trek hiker

A shame we couldn’t go to Machu Picchu (due to landslide), alternative provided excellent.
Excellent explanation of culture, Inca Trail, places of interest
Excellent food and service

Kylee Williams – Lares Trek hiker

Very well organized. Amazing experience in every aspect, food, landscape, set up campsites, no having to carry our pack. This all made the trek fantastic.
Thanks for your effort in making it such as enjoyable experience-greatly appreciated

Lisa Shanoon – Lares Trek hiker

Organization was great, food was amazing. I feel that Mario had great local knowledge and information, was great with the group

Codie-Lea Deans – – Lares Trek hiker

The tour was excellent – the staff were friendly, very helpful. The food was good. I will recommend this trip to others.

Jacqueline Mohr – Lares Trek hiker

An excellent trek. The horseman worked incredibly hard. It was very much appreciated the guides were informative and helpful, it was great to learn more about the Peruvian Culture. Thanks!

Diana Kerr – Lares Trek hiker

I was an excellent trip – Guido and all the staff were very excellent. Guido work well together and provided lots of excellent informative-about the regions and its history.

Ber McTaggart

Had lots of fun and scene and meet so many wonderful people with made the trek. Heartwarming for all of us, our guide was the best, great English and very informed on all things native and worldwide. The food was so good and very filling. Thanks to all, it could not have been so great without all parties involved.
Cheers and Thanks

Macdonald Douglas – Lares Trek hiker

It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Our guide cooks and porters gave us excellent service. It was great to experience the variety of food and I was amazed at what food could be produced in such as small space. Our guide’s knowledge of the environment gave us a great insight into the history and the flora and fauna of the area.

Bridget Robinson – Lares Trek hiker
New York

Excellent team work; everyone was hospitable helpful and supportive. We ate well and always arrived to a well organized site after a hike with informative supportive guides.
Continue to provide excellent service to small groups

Rebekah Frojmovic – Lares Trek hiker

Really enjoyed the trip. Marco went out of his way and gave us a lot of local knowledge. Food and horsman were great. Will deffinetly recommend the tour

Lucy Spalding/Jeremi Moule – Lares Trek hiker

This trek far surpassed my expectations. Our guide Guido and our cook Pato were excellent, their competence and efficiency made it easy to forget everything except the natural beauty of the trek. Highly recommended.

Maura Devereux – Lares Trek hiker

Overall the trek was everything I could have asked for. It was challengy, peaceful, exciting and informative. Many thanks to David (our guide), our cooks, horsemen for keeping us as comfortable as can be at 4600. Meters.

Matt Trocker – Lares Trek hiker

Thank you for a great trip. We were very1 impressed with our visit!. Will recommended Lares trek back in Australia as the scenery is amazing, our guide provided great information on the people, culture, environment and vegetation.

Bowring/Betts – Lares Trek hiker

A very good experience!. Santiago and the group were very helpful to me when I became sick on the first day (not because of camp food). Santiago helped me recover quickly with natural remedy and I enjoyed the trip.

Marc goubert – Lares Trek hiker
USA – California


The trip was fabulous. The guide and team were helpful, professional and knowledgeable. I have appreciated learning more about Inca history and Peruvian culture.

Sandra Fields – Lares Trek hiker


Very beautiful experience. The trek was like having a personal tour. Our encounters with local people very interesting. Marco taught about the history and natural aspects along the trek. Also he described lots of history and cultural facts. Excellent! Every turn has a beautiful vista. Will take home lots of memories and beautiful pictures. Wonderful people!
Overall trek was fantastic were well prepared with plenty of equipment for altitude sickness, campsites were great

Tom Peterson – Lares Trek hiker


Professional, informative, friendly. At most efforts for experience in every aspect. We loved the trek, the food, all equipments, tents perfect. Always felt safe and well taken care of.

Jeanne Baldwin – Lares Trek hiker


A great trip of a lifetime. I am a 60 year old woman and went alone with a 4 men into the mountains. At all times, I felt safe, respected, protected and encouraged. The mountains are magnificient and i appreciated the change to meet with local people, a privilege. It was all I hoped and better. Thanks to Carlo and team for a great trip.

Barbara Bates – Lares Trek hiker
New Zealand


We really enjoyed ourselves. We learned about Peruvian culture, improved our Spanish and learned about the local flora and fauna. I will recommend this trek to my family and friends.

Meghan Pepper – Lares Trek hiker


A very fulfilling trip. I had never been on a trek before and this was an incredible experience that also taught me what is required to survive on a long trek.

Jewel Osborne – Lares Trek hiker


The food was amazing! The guide was incredible, knowledgeable and the trek itself was beautiful!. Thanks so much for everything!

Heathers Loher – Lares Trek hiker


Excellent trip. I learn a lot and enjoyed every moment. I loved the fact we met people (local) and that there was no other groups plus ours.

Chris Tan – Lares Trek hiker


One of the best things i have ever done. I loved the challenge and the scenery was spectacular, particularly on Day2. Marco was a very knowledgeable, caring and helpful guide, there was no questions he could not answer. Thank you.

Jacqueline Shinier – Lares Trek hiker
Sydney – Australia


Congratulations for cookers!
The best food I´ve eaten in Peru!!. The guide is a very patient person with a lot of professionalism

Cathy Di-turi – Lares Trek hiker


The service was excellent, all the team were very helpful, made the experience a once in a lifetime trek. The whole trip was amazing. I wouldn´t change a thing. The whole trip was very well planned and organized. all the team really looked after everyone and made a great experience for all.

Alisha Brache