Responsible Tourism


Offset your carbon footprint:

Most people who travel by air are unaware of just how much carbon their journeys produce. To put this in perspective, consider the fact that a flight from London to Madrid uses a quarter of a person’s entire sustainable carbon year (in other words, the amount of fossil fuel a person can use in every aspect of their lifestyle over 12 months without contributing to global climate change). A flight from London to Sydney uses two and a half times this ration.


However, travelers can “pay back the planet” for the carbon footprint produced by their journeys by making a donation to one of the many projects run by


One person’s return flight from London to Lima, for example, produces 2.56 tons of carbon dioxide, which can be offset with a donation of less than $60 to one of the projects run by Climate Care throughout the world.


To make a donation to offset your carbon footprint and also to help people in developing countries, visit and calculate the carbon footprint produced by your international flight.



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