Guesthouse – Family Home Stays

If you are thinking of visiting Cusco and you would also like to learn Spanish in one of the city’s many language schools, and you would also like to become a part of the culture and customs of Peru and particularly Cusco, then the best way to learn is in a family atmosphere, run for those people who would like to share and enjoy traditional Cusco family life in independent rooms and with all the comforts of home, together with the special attention of the Núñez-Yépez family, (grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren and family pet). We have close relations with local travel agencies and they will provide you with the best rates and a great variety of tours, tourist routes, excursions, camping trips, accommodation and volunteer activities.

Share with us, as a family, and enjoy your stay in Cusco, Peru.

Photos of the house and family

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