Dedicate a tree to help save Earth. Plan a tree, then you can remove Carbon Dioxide from the global atmosphere.

This Year, Andean Skyline / Peru and Travel is lauching a new campaign, our Andes Reforestation Program 2015, we will plant native Andean trees (Qeuñas – Polylepis Subsericans and Uncas) to reforest the Yanahuara gully in December, above the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

We will begin in December because the rainy season will ensure that the trees thrive and help to return a part of the Cusco highlands to its original state. It is often forgotten that some five hundred years ago the hills around Cusco and its surrounding villages were covered with native trees, and that these forests sheltered local fauna, particularly birdlife.

We will work together also with other local communities (Huacahuasi), who have agreed to give us land to reforest as well as the labour need to plant more trees and care for them until they are well-established

This project, financed by our company, is the first stage of our effort to unite the Cusco travel industry and ensure the sustainable development of our natural and cultural resources.

In our opinion, making a positive difference to local communities and the environment is what responsible tourism is all about, and at Andean Skyline / Peru and Travel we are taking the first steps towards making Cusco as green as it was when the Incas ruled this part of the world.









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