Climate change

Climate change is one of greatest threats facing the world today. Scientists tell us that we must act urgently to reduce our carbon emissions in order to halt catastrophic irreversible impact on our common home – planet Earth. At Andean Skyline we have analyzed all our operations and initiated a number of measures to reduce our contribution to global warming. We are also endeavoring to encourage our staff and travellers to try to reduce their own emissions.

Our carbon reduction strategy is based on three measures:

  • Reducing our carbon emissions where possible.
  • Educating our staff, travellers and suppliers on ways they can reduce emissions and environmental impact.
  • Assessing emissions and offsetting them through investment in carbon offset schemes.


Doing what we can

The first step in reducing emissions is to eliminate any excess activity or simply to change individual behavior.


How you can be a more responsible traveler:


Visitors to developing countries like Peru should do all they can to ensure that their vacation has a positive impact on the country in terms of the economy, the environment and social issues.

We offer a few simple suggestions to help you make your time in Peru more culturally and environmentally aware and of benefit to the local economy, as well as more enjoyable, of course!!


Learn about the country you will be visiting:

  1. Before your vacation begins attempt to learn more about Peru. As a company we provide detailed information on our website and try to answer all of our travelers’ questions before they leave home. But if you read about the destinations you will be visiting you will have a greater understanding of Peru when you arrive.
  2.  Although we are available to provide assistance during your stay in Peru, if you can manage to learn some Spanish your interaction with local people will be greatly enhanced.


The cost of your vacation:

By travelling with a Peruvian-owned company like ours, or with one of the overseas agents whose tours we operate, you are ensuring that most of your money remains in the local economy. All of our staff members are Peruvian – from the office staff to porters. We also pay 19% Peruvian sales tax on all our income, as well as 30% corporate tax, which is a significant contribution to Peru’s economy.

You can also help the local economy by buying local products – including beers, wines, foodstuffs or souvenirs – rather than international brands.


Reduce the environmental impact of your trip:

  1. Pack biodegradable soaps and shampoos. Remember that in some areas supplies of water and electricity are limited and try to be economical with these resources.
  2. Help protect local flora and fauna by obeying regulations (remaining on footpaths, not disturbing wildlife, not buying products made from endangered species).
  3. There is very little recycling in Peru; try to reduce your consumption of plastic packaged foods and drinks (you could bring a water bottle filter with you).
  1. To protect the natural environment when trekking make sure any human waste is buried away from water sources. Burying or carrying out used toilet paper is obligatory. Tampons and sanitary pads must also be taken out of the area and disposed of appropriately. Minimize use of soap or shampoos in rivers and lakes – your local guide will let you know when using soap is unsuitable.
  2. When trekking it is a good idea to take an extra plastic bag and pick up any rubbish seen on the trails. If you choose to make this contribution, remember that rubbish may have to be carried until it can be properly disposed of in the next town.
  3. Try to minimize the use of plastic water bottles. One option is to bring a water filter, water purification tablets or iodine to purify drinking water. At some of our hotels water dispensers are available and you may be able to refill your bottle with purified water free of charge or for a small fee.