The travel and tour agency Peru & Travel, Andean Skyline’s business name, is based in Cusco, “the navel of the world”. It was founded by travel professionals with the aim of providing those who visit our region, whether they are from other parts of Peru or from overseas, with the very best service during their adventure in Cusco.

Our experience, ability and entrepreneurial spirit make us ideally suited to offer travelers the very best service during what we assure you will be an unforgettable stay that will remain engraved upon your mind and heart for the rest of your lives.

Andean skyline is a formally constituted company which is recognized by the Peruvian Ministry of Tourism, and its objective is to provide the very best service with every tour that it offers.

We offer well-designed programs and aim always to surpass the expectations and requirements of our clients.  It is our task to help those who are interested in learning about -and letting themselves be captivated by- the wonders of Peru to relax and enjoy their vacation to the full during that process. We will take you from the beauty and elegance of Lima, the “City of Kings”, to the mysteries of the Nazca Lines, the splendor of our tropical forests, the imperial capital of the Incas, the enigmatic ruins of the ancient city of Machu Picchu and the exotic beaches of the Caribbean.

Andean Skyline staff:

Our office is staffed by highly experienced, multilingual and responsible professionals who are university graduates trained in tourism and passionate about travel. Their job is to take care of the logistics of every vacation we offer and to take care of you while you are visiting our country because for us more than a client, you are a friend. We work behind the scenes to ensure that you really feel like you are on vacation during every minute of your time with us. We know when you travel you are on vacation and we want you to be worry free.

Local guides:

We employ top professionals local guides at every place visited on your program. All are highly experienced experts in their chosen fields and each has been carefully selected for their travel experience and general knowledge. We employ graduates of Peruvian universities to whom we give intense training courses before they lead a tour, as well as additional periodic training aimed at maintaining and enhancing their skills.

Trip leaders:

Our trip leaders are specially selected for their knowledge of the country and their travel expertise, and are equally comfortable leading expeditions in the Andes or the Amazon or showing guests to our country the highlights of typical Peruvian cuisine while discussing archaeology or current affairs. They think that besides the archeological sites, you want to know the real Peru.


Porters and field staff:

We employ people from the Highlands that do all they can to give the best to their guests. They are farmers, great weavers and livestock herders who constitute a specific ethnic group. These people in their traditional dress are the direct descendants of the last Incas of Cusco.

Andean Skyline

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