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A Thousand And One Night 9 days/ 8 nights$684

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The advantages of this route are clear: It passes beneath the slopes of mount Salkantay through forests redolent of ancient mysteries...

Andes and Rainforest - Peru and Bolivia 19 days$2451

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The most exciting places on Earth. Best of the best in this tour that begins in Lima and the visit to the city of the kings then we will...

Andes, Adventure & Culture 16 days$1321

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Have you ever wondered where is the deepest canyon on earth? or where is the highest navigable lake in the world?

Trek to Choquequirao 5 days/ 4 nights$606.20

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This lost city has waked up the interest of many travelers, scientists and adventurers. Choquequirao...

Helping the Earth

Climate change is one of greatest threats facing the world today.

Scientists tell us that we must act urgently to reduce our carbon emissions in order to halt catastrophic irreversible impact on our common home - planet Earth. At Andean Skyline we have analyzed all our operations and initiated a number of measures to reduce our contribution to global warming.

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Most people who travel by air are unaware of just how much carbon their journeys produce.

To put this in perspective, consider the fact that a flight from London to Madrid uses a quarter of a person’s entire sustainable carbon year (in other words, the amount of fossil fuel a person can use in every aspect of their lifestyle over 12 months without contributing to global climate change).

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Plan a tree, then you can remove Carbon Dioxide from the global atmosphere.

This Year, Andean Skyline / Peru and Travel is lauching a new campaign, our Andes Reforestation Program 2015, we will plant native Andean trees (Qeuñas - Polylepis Subsericans and Uncas) to reforest the Yanahuara gully in December, above the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

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About Andean Sky Line

F Founded in 2007, Andean Skyline is the world´s adventurer and relaxing Travel Company.

Offering cultural, natural, adventure and living tourism alternatives in all of Peru’s main travel destinations and the most exotic beaches at the Caribbean, let us design the perfect vacations for you.

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